i-lign 8.3 Release Notes

By Rachel | January 26, 2018

Improvements made

  • PW-10227 - All of Business Storyboard introduced
  • PW-10011 - Delivery: Changes to roles and billable cost are shown in the project log.
  • PW-10178 - Business landscape: list of drivers on Business Landscape and Strategy tab are consistent
  • PW-10211 - Business Configuration: Project, Activity and Service types have been unified
  • PW-10244 - Home Page: Break down of Initiatives’ category into Programmes, Projects, Activities and Services
  • PW-10245 - Business Configuration: Amend description of Live Status for Projects. Services and Activities to Live status, currently in progress
  • PW-10249 - Add finer grain security in relation to viewing and managing resource costs
  • PW-10263 - Bulk update for resource costs
  • PW-10269 - Remove number limit for System Admin: Logons by User
  • PW-10283 - Landing page after adding a new resource is the resource list page
  • PW-10291 - When a resource is added as a Manager to a Project or Programme they are automatically given a leadership role. When added as Owner they are automatically given a leadership and governance role.
  • PW-10300 - When you edit cost per hour,you get the same pop-up box as for adding a new cost per hour
  • PW-10303 - Business Snapshot: Refreshing statistics from business configuration page
  • PW-10310 - Add extra flag to Resource Type

Bugs fixed

  • PW-10124 - Home : Board view returns an error after session time out
  • PW-10190 - Task/ task pool: Percent complete(%) is not indicating 0 when it’s 0 % complete
  • PW-10197 - Decisions table on Register tab: ‘type’ doesn’t sort properly
  • PW-10199 - Meeting: System error when launching project from meeting
  • PW-10215 - Resource Details - Positions and Skills sorted by most recent
  • PW-10286 - Project Number missing
  • PW-10287 - Delivery: Project Lifecycle List breadcrumb is not a link
  • PW-10288 - Home: Bookmarks Lifecycle Stage unable to remove bookmark
  • PW-10290 - Delivery: Tasking Allocations Assignments allow Invalid date periods
  • PW-10297 - Timeseet Approval Requested Notifications generate corrupted links
  • PW-10298 - Notifications: Task-Pool and Task Owner Changed broken link
  • PW-10312 - Deletion of Project linked to multiple portfolios fails with 500 error