i-lign 8.3 release timetable

By Rachel | December 7, 2017

Work on i-lign 8.3 is progressing well with development work on our Business Snapshot almost complete. We’ve decided to release 8.3 at the end of January 2018 so we avoid the busy run up to Christmas and the summer holiday period. This post contains details of our release timetable. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Release timetable for hosted customers

As always, this timetable is subject to successful completion of development work and testing.

Action Timeframe
Preview of 8.3 available on request Monday 18 December
Customer review & feedback on 8.3 Monday 18 December to Friday 19 January (Feedback via i-lign’s Support Portal )
Meeting to talk through changes On request (prior to 22 December or from 15 January)
Release date (subject to final testing) Sunday 28 January