i-lign 8.3 initial information

By Rachel | November 15, 2017

The development of interactive dashboards to display key information has been on our radar for sometime now. The first iteration of this work is the focus of i-lign 8.3. This release will introduce an organisational level Business Snapshot, designed with executive teams in mind. This post contains initial information on our plans for 8.3. I’ll follow up with more specific release information once we have more detail to share with you. In the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Introducing the Business Snapshot

The screenshot below is a prototype of the Business Snapshot we’re currently working on.

Our thinking is that future releases will involve the development of similar Snapshot views at various levels such as Group, Portfolio, Programme and Project levels. As well, we intend to have second level, interactive views in future releases. These will be accessible by clicking on relevant information at the top level. For example if you click on the risk information on the Business Snapshot, this would take you to a second screen with more detailed risk information. This could for example show you where very high risks are located in your organisation, what those risks are and who is managing them.

Tentative release timetable for hosted customers

As always, this timetable is subject to successful completion of development work and testing.

Action Timeframe
Preview of 8.3 available on request Monday 27 November
Customer review & feedback on 8.3 Monday 27 November to Wednesday 6 December (Feedback via i-lign’s Support Portal )
Meeting to talk through changes On request
Release date (subject to final testing) Sunday 10 December