i-lign 8.2.4 Release Notes

By Sean | October 18, 2017

Improvements made

  • [PW-10195] - Delivery: Governance tab - change time period for review graph
  • [PW-10216] - Jump To - Programmes link navigates to the list of Programmes
  • [PW-10217] - Jump To - Resource link navigates to the list of Resources
  • [PW-10204] - Delivery: Tasking Allocation Chart further performance improvements

Bugs fixed

  • [PW-10198] - Value: Investment tab: benefit icon hover doesn’t work consistently
  • [PW-10206] - Can’t save resource added to action item for TaskPools
  • [PW-10208] - Projects don’t show up in the search result when they have a financial number that contains letters and numbers at the same time
  • [PW-10209] - Delivery: Tasking Estimated Resourcing - set Default Effort to 0 automatically