i-lign 8.2.3 Release Notes

By Sean | October 1, 2017

Bugs fixed

  • [PW-10174] - Launched items from meeting are not displayed on the page
  • [PW-10177] - Delivery - Task constraints won’t work when Task Pools were created with run until the end of the project option
  • [PW-10182] - All of business view was showing closed initiatives
  • [PW-10184] - Delivery - Taskpools doesn’t have the option ‘Run until the end of the project’
  • [PW-10186] - Conversation: launched items were not listed on the conversation field
  • [PW-10188] - Program: 500 Error occured when adding strategic drivers
  • [PW-10189] - Task/Task pool: page information was sometimes redirecting to the old task page
  • [PW-10193] - Delivery - Planned end date is not calculated correctly for tasks with “Fixed Effort & Duration” and “Finish to Finish” constraint
  • [PW-10194] - Delivery : Ensure DELETE initiative is disabled if user has no permission
  • [PW-10200] - Benefits could not be deleted from a concept
  • [PW-10201] - Delivery: Tasking performance was too slow on larger Tasks
  • [PW-10203] - All of Business: Browser does not complete some display events after some animations