upgrading to i-lign 8.2 for in-house customers only

September 20, 2017

Instuctions for upgrading to i-lign 8.2 from previous version of i-lign

Context.xml changes

Changes in the JDBC connection require some changes over and above the standard upgrade process. As detailed in this article, a new context.xml is required for the upgrade.

Search indexing

The file indexing has changed with the new config file. The temp folder needs to be cleared after the running instance has stopped and before the upgrade is started.

Suggested workflow

  • Stop existing instance.
  • Backup database (for rollback if required).
  • Copy ROOT.war file (for rollback if required)
  • Delete ROOT.war file and ROOT directory from webapps.
  • Extract ilign 8.2 zip to Webapps directory.
  • Install and configure new context.xml, noting syntax changes (example here).
  • Delete indexes folder in temp directory.
  • Start instance.