i-lign 8.2 initial information

By Rachel | July 26, 2017

This post contains initial information on our plans for 8.2 in relation to tasking. I’ll follow up with more specific release information once we have more detail to share with you. In the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Simpler project tasks and task pools.

The focus of this release is to simplify tasks and tasks pools for projects. We plan to make similar changes to the tasking functions for activities and services in the following release (8.3).

The screenshot of the edit task view below gives you an idea of the changes we’re working on. As this is a prototype, the released version will almost certainly look different.

You can see from the planning section on this screenshot that we have moved away from asking people to identify the task as fixed duration, fixed effort or fixed effort & duration. Instead we show the key information you need to set up a task: start and end dates, effort, assignments. We then ask you to indicate, via the padlock icons, which information you’d like to enter and which information you’d like i-lign to calculate for you. If you unlock an icon, you can enter information into the relevant field. If you lock an icon, the system calculates this information for you based on the other information you’ve entered.

In the screenshot below, effort is locked and the other fields unlocked for you to enter information. This is similar in function to the current fixed duration task.

Our tentative timeframe

We plan to have a preview version of 8.2 available in early August. Our tentative release date is Sunday 19 August.