i-lign 8.1.2 Release Notes

By Sean | July 7, 2017

Improvements made

  • [PW-10043] - System - Bulk close in-active resources (eg, users who haven’t logged in the last 6 months)
  • [PW-10044] - Delivery - Review comments fields now have have increased height
  • [PW-10046] - Help text for Delivery:Finance tab
  • [PW-10047] - Help text for Organisation:People tab
  • [PW-10048] - Existing help text format tidy up
  • [PW-10057] - Home - Fewer projects are shown on user’s home page if the user has no active tasks

Bugs fixed

  • [PW-10032] - Timesheets : if Resource starts during the week (not on the first day ) Timesheet for this week is not accessible
  • [PW-10039] - Lack of ability to confirm time from notification link
  • [PW-10045] - Organisation - People > Data view ‘Project’ heading should be ‘Initiative’
  • [PW-10055] - Value app: Error when launching project from concept on planning tab
  • [PW-10056] - Delivery - Cannot delete a project resource when the resource is not assigned to any work and role
  • [PW-10062] - Google Chrome users were unable to login to 8.1.1 using Active Directory single sign on.