Task Pools

March 24, 2022

Information on how to add and edit task pools.

Task Pools show on the gantt as a different shade of blue and are slightly simpler than tasks in terms of functionality. People to tend to use them to manage time allocation and recording or to manage overhead tasks such as project management.

You can add people, action items and other related information to your task pool. When someone is added to the ‘People’ section of the task pool, the effort they’ve been allocated will show on their resource allocation information. The task pool will also appear on the person’s timesheet.

Add task pools

To set up a task pool, you will need to enter its name, owner and start and end dates. Other information can be added at the same time or later on.

Use the add button to add a task pool quickly

As well as adding task pools from the shortcuts drop down menu, you also have the option of using the add button when you’re in the Tasks or Schedule tabs. When adding a task pool via the add button, all fields apart from the name are set to default values which can be edited later.

View task pools

Task pools are viewable in all the same places as tasks.

There are two views on the Tasks tab. The Board view is a kanban style view that provides a simple way to manage tasks / task pools by dragging them across the columns: Not Started, In Progress, and Complete. The Table view provides a more detailed view of the tasks / task pools in a table format.

Along with milestones, tasks / task pools are also visible on the Schedule tabs. There are three views. The Summary provides an overview of the project’s schedule. The Gannt view provides the core functionality available in conventional gantt charts such as task, milestone and dependency management. It’s intended as a simple, accurate view of your schedule and dependencies, without the clutter of detailed information available in other views. There is also a Table view of the project schedule.

Board view (Tasks tab)
Table view (Tasks tab)
Gantt view (Schedule tab)

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Edit task pools

Once the task pool is set-up you can edit it to reflect any changes.