Risks, Issues & Reviews

Simplify business

  • Keep everyone in the loop with simple 5-minute status reviews across projects and programmes.
  • Intervene early to provide support if initiatives start to slip, through immediate visibility of status reviews.
  • Embed risk management into day-to-day work and view key risks easily.(Consistent with ISO standards.)

Connect your people

  • Give your specialist risk advisors more time to advise and mentor delivery teams as they are freed up from the mechanics of risk management.
  • Allow problems to be resolved quickly by teams such as governance groups due to the high visibility of risks, issues and reviews.
  • Give boards, key stakeholders and senior managers access to real-world business intelligence so they can help their people succeed.

Organisational transparency

  • View RAG status throughout the tool in reports and dashboards.
  • View the size, nature and complexity of initiatives clearly so you can tailor govenance arrangements to fit.
  • Give your boards and senior teams on demand access to accurate and verifiable information to support their involvement and decision-making.

Key features

Risk management | Issue management | Programme and project reviews | RAG information in dashboards, reports and the all-of-business landscape