Ideas and Collaboration

Simplify business

  • Bring everyone into the mix with our simple ideation tool with conversations attached.
  • Launch new initiatives such as projects directly from ideas and conversations.
  • Support a logical and visible lifecycle from idea generation to delivery of a service / product improvement.

Connect your people

  • Everyone can be an innovator through submitting and commenting on ideas (stakeholders as well as your people).
  • Launch conversations in the context of whatever you’re working on and send them to anyone.
  • Enable story telling through conversations. Increasingly there is a recognition that organisational storytelling (strategic narratives) are a powerful way for organisations to talk about who they are and what they aspire to.

Organisational transparency

  • Break down the barriers promoted by silos and standard linear workflow management through ideas and conversations.
  • Promote new dynamic ways of understanding interest and activity through reviewing the level of conversations attached to initatives.
  • Track ideas from genesis to final bottom-line realisation and value.

Key features

Simple ideation and voting | Conversations from anywhere with anyone | New initiatives launched from ideas or conversations