Financial Integration & Time Recording

Simplify business

  • Allow your people to record time directly from their homepage.
  • Identify cost variances / blowouts early.
  • Support senior level decision making with true enterprise financials.

Connect your people

  • Focus programme and projects managers on the cost of work.
  • Allow FMIS specialists to mentor programme and project managers around financial governance.
  • Build capability around financial management and governance through project crowdsourcing.

Organisational transparency

  • View cost of work information at project, programme and all-of-business levels.
  • View financials in real-time visualisations and reports.
  • Display cost of work and benefits in ROI visualisations.


Time recording | Integration with corporate FMIS | Funding lines | Project budgeting and forecasting (OPEX and CAPEX) | Capitalisation of project time | Cost of work dashboards and reports