Funding information

March 22, 2020

Information on how to manage Funding.

Our Funding feature manages the allocation of funds which have been earmarked for a particular purpose. This purpose may be to fulfill a particular need or to fund an event or activity. Or it could be to fund a specific programme of work. Examples of sources of funding are Cabinet appropriations, funds from an external organisation, board approved annual departmental budget.

This tutorial shows you how to enter and maintain funding information. It covers the following topics:

  • Appropriations: record incoming sources of funding
  • Allocations: allocate funds to programmes
  • Transfers: transfer funds between years and categories

Before funding information can be entered, you need to configure your organisation’s financials in i-ilign. See Tuning i-lign: Finances for how to do this.


See the screenshot below for how to add sources of funding.


Once you have added funding at the enterprise level, you can allocate funding to a programme of work either directly or indirectly via a programme higher in the programme’s hierarchy. See the screenshots below for how to add allocations to programmes and then to sub-programmes or projects.

Allocate funding to a programme
Allocate funding to a sub-programme or project

Navigate to the Funding tab of the relevant programme to allocate funding to a sub-programme or project.


See the screenshot below for how to transfer allocations to difference years and/or categories.