Navigation: Overall (Archived from 9.1)

September 19, 2019

Information on how to navigate around i-lign at the top level.

This tutorial shows you how to navigate around i-lign at the top level. It also outlines the key views in i-lign: Home, Delivery, Value and Organisation.

Top level Horizontal Navigation Bar

The blue top level Horizontal Navigation Bar is visible on every screen in i-lign. The screenshots below show you how to use this.

Home view

This is a personalised space for managing your own work organised under the following tabs: Storyboard,My Work, Timesheet, My Community, Ideas.

The Personal Storyboard pulls together information about you and the work you’re doing. (See the image below.)

The My Work tab provides you with List, Board and Table views of work you have a relationship with (eg projects you manage, tasks you’ve been assigned, risks you own). In the List view there is also information on the Groups and Teams which you belong to or manage.

You go to the Timesheet tab to record the hours you worked.

The My Community tab is the place to go to network with people via Conversations and Blogs. You can read and reply to conversations / blogs, subscribe to hashtags and search for conversations / blogs which might interest you.

The Ideas tab gives you access to ideas which have been submitted by people in your organisation. As well as reading these, you can like, vote and initiate / participate in conversations about the idea.

See Navigation: Home Page for more detailed navigation information.


The Delivery view provides a place for your project, programme and business service managers and their teams to manage day to day work. This is where you manage deliverables, schedules, tasks, financials, change requests, issues, risks etc.

When you log into i-lign you land on the Home page. To navigate to the Delivery view, first access the relevant content eg a Project or Programme. Once you’ve accessed the relevant content, you can move between the Delivery and Value views on the top Horizontal Navigation Bar. When you select Programmes, Portfolios or Concepts, the default landing is the Value view. For Projects, Activities and Business Services the default landing is the Delivery view.

See Navigation:Delivery view for more detailed navigation information.


The Value view is designed for your business owners, managers, PMO teams and stakeholders. It allows you to create and progress Business Cases, to prioritise, plan and monitor delivery, and to assess Benefits. It provides you a view of where value is being generated in the business and its cost. It tracks the status of initiatives so you can intervene when things don’t go to plan.

As with the Delivery view, first access the relevant content eg Programme, Project or Concept. Once you’ve accessed the relevant content, you can move between the Delivery and Value views on the top Horizontal Navigation Bar.

See Navigation:Value view for more detailed navigation information.

All of Business Storyboard

The All of Business Storyboard is designed with Executive teams and Boards in mind. It tells you the story of your organisation and is intended to trigger conversations.

There is no need to compile or curate this information, instead it’s generated automatically from information in i-lign. It’s intended to replace or reduce manually created organisational level reporting, which is a significant overhead for many organisations.

The storyboard consists of the following sections which together paint a picture of your organisation:

  • Structure - How do you organise your people & the work they do?
  • Strategy - How much of your work is linked to strategy?
  • Benefits - How well are you managing the benefits of this work?
  • Overall Health - How are your projects, services and activities performing?
  • Risks - What is your current risk profile?
  • Issues - What issues are you facing at the moment?
  • Resourcing - Are you resourcing your projects effectively?
  • Cost - Are you managing costs effectively?

See Storyboard: All of Business for more detailed information.

Business Landscape

You can also access your Business Landscape from the top level navigation bar. This provides a single screen view of your organisational structure and initiatives. This is a real time, high level view which enables you to drill down to supporting detail.


This organisational strategy view shows the key components of the strategy (the Drivers) and the Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) for each of these Drivers. If regular Reviews are carried out and data added to the KPIs, then i-lign provides a graphic view of how well your organisation is executing it’s strategy. See Navigation: Organisation - Strategy tab for more detailed navigation information.