Change requests (Archived from 9.1)

September 20, 2019

Information on how to manage Change Requests for a Project or Programme.

These are requests to make changes to the Project / Programme which are outside the authority of the people managing or governing it.

You can add change requests which need to be considered, invite people to assess the change request and record what decision was made. Using this process provides an audit trail of change requests.

Add a change request

How to add a change request

Assess a change request

People selected as Assessors receive an email notification (provided their email notification is turned on). They click on the link to assess the change request. Alternatively they can go into their Home page in i-lign and assess the change request from there.

How to assess a change request from an email notification
How to assess a change request from the home page

Resolve a change request

Once the change request has been considered and a decision made, this can be recorded either by the decision maker themselves or the initiative manager eg the project manager. The process is the same as for assessing the change request except that you select the Resolve button rather than the Assess button. You can also resolve a change request from the Registers of the relevant project. (See screen shots below).

How to resolve a change request from the home page
How to resolve a change request from the relevant project or programme

View a change request

The screenshot below shows you how you can view the change request and see a log of changes made, including who approved it.

How to view a change request