Navigation: Value - Benefits Tab (Archived from 9.1)

September 26, 2019

Information on Benefit tab navigation for Projects, Programmes, Activities and Services.

Organisations expect their investment in both current and new areas of work will generate benefits of some sort. This tab gives you the ability to view and manage these benefits.

Benefits are the positive outcomes expected as a result of the work being carried out. For example a benefit maybe increased staff engagement or increased customer loyalty or increased profit. These benefits can be financial or non financial in nature. They may have measures attached which help track how well they’re being achieved. Benefits in i-lign are assigned a gold, silver or bronze value. This value estimate enables you to compare benefits of different types.

The Benefits tab provides you with an Overview and Detail view of an initiative’s benefits. Click on the benefit name to see more information about that particular benefit.



This view shows more infromation about the benefits which have been directly added to this initiative.

Individual benefit information

More information

For more detailed information on how to manage Benefits in i-lign, see this Benefits tutorial.