Navigation: Value view (Archived from 9.1)

September 26, 2019

Information on how to navigate to and around the Value view.

The Value view is designed for business owners, managers, PMO teams and stakeholders. It allows you to create and progress business cases, to prioritise, plan and monitor delivery, and to assess benefits. It provides you a view of where value is being generated in the business and its cost. It tracks the status of initiatives so you can intervene when things don’t go to plan.

When you log into i-lign you land on the Home page. To navigate to the Value view, first access the relevant content eg a Project or Programme. Once you’ve accessed the relevant content, use the toggle to move between Delivery and Value. When you select Programmes, Portfolios or Business Cases, the default landing is Value. For Projects, Activities and Business Services the default landing is Delivery.

Once in the Value view, select one of the following tabs to see the information you’re looking for: Overview, Investment, Planning, Delivery, Benefits. Note that blue text indicates a link to more detailed information throughout our software tool.

Overview tab

This tab provides summary information such as a description of the initiative, key people, benefits, deliverables and the latest review. Below are screenshots of this tab at the Programme and Project level.

Investment tab

This tab provides investment information relating to the Group or Initiative you are looking at. If you are looking at Groups, Programmes or Portfolios, you can see information relating to the value of potential investments (Business Cases). If you are looking at Projects, Activities,Services or Programmes, you can see information about the intiative’s Strategic Contribution and its Investment Profile. See here for more detailed navigation information on the Investment tab.

Planning tab

This tab is intended to provide a planning view of current initiatives and potential initiatives (Business Cases). If you are looking at Groups, Programmes or Portfolios, this tab shows quarterly budget information for current and potential initiatives. It also shows how initiatives have been prioritised. If you are looking at Projects, you can see how the Project has been prioritised.

Delivery tab

This tab shows how well initiatives are progressing and is most meaningful where there are multiple initiatives for example at Group or Programme level. It shows the timeline for each initiative along with its latest review.

Benefits tab

This tab provides information on benefits. In i-lign benefits are categorised as gold, silver and bronze, to enable comparison of the value of difference types of benefits (eg financial and non financial). See here for more detailed navigation information on the Benefits tab.

Right hand side panel

Clicking on the icons on the right hand side panel gives you access to additional information.