Cross project dependencies(XPDs)(Archived from 9.1)

July 29, 2019

Information on how to manage cross project dependencies (XPDs).

Cross project dependencies (XPDs) can be incoming or outgoing.

Outgoing XPDs are tasks or milestones in your project which another project is dependent on.

Incoming XPDs are tasks or milestones in other projects which need to be completed for your project to succeed. For example, you are developing software which cannot be deployed without a server and this particular server is being built by another project. Your project is dependent on the other project to build the server. In the context of your project, the server build is an incoming XPD. This tutorial focuses on incoming XPDs.

When you identify another project’s task or milestone as a cross project dependency (XPD) it will show up in your project as an incoming XPD. The task or milestone will also be identified in the other project as an outgoing XPD. If the other project alters the time frame for their task or milestone by more than a week, then an issue will be automatically generated in your project.

The incoming XPD will show on your project’s timeline (coloured yellow). You can also show how tasks / milestones in your project are contrained by the cross project dependency by adding constraints. See Navigation: Delivery - Tasking tab for information on how to add constraints to your Timeline.

Add incoming XPDs

You add incoming XPDs using the Shortcuts dropdown box.

View or remove XPDs

You can view or remove your XPDs on the Timeline and Table views of the Tasking tab.

Timeline view

Table view