Navigation: Value - Investment Tab (Archived from 9.1)

July 26, 2019

Information on Investment tab navigation for Projects, Activities, Services as well as for Programmes, Portfolios and Groups

This tab provides investment information relating to the Group or Initiative you are looking at. If you are looking at Groups, Programmes or Portfolios, you can see information relating to the value of potential investments (Concepts). If you are looking at Projects, Activities,Services or Programmes, you can see information about the intiative’s Strategic Contribution and its Investment Profile. See below for annotated screenshots of the Investment tab.

Group Investment tab

The Investment tab for Portfolios is the same as the Group Investment screenshot below.

Project Investment tab

The Investment tabs for Activities and Services are the same as the Project screenshot below.

Programme Investment tab

The Investment tab for Programmes has two views, as shown by the screenshots below.