Navigation: Organisation view

July 29, 2019

Information on how to navigate to and around the Organisation view.

The Organisation view provides a place for Executives, Managers, EPMOs and others interested in organisation wide or business group perspectives of the information in i-lign.

When you log into i-lign you land on the Home page. You can navigate to the Organisation view via the top level navigation bar. Once you’ve accessed the relevant content, you can use the toggle to move between the Organisation and Value views. When you select Groups, Drivers or Ideas, the default landing is the Organisation view. You can drill down from this top level organisational view to similar views at a business group level.

Organisation tabs

There are six tabs in the Organisation view as follows.

Overview tab

The Overview tab provides a snapshot of the overall organisation or business group . It includes a list of Groups and Teams and total resource allocations. At the organisational level you can also see your organisation’s purpose and strategic drivers.

Strategy tab

The Strategy tab shows your KPIs for each driver and provides a graphic view of how they are tracking. Click on an individual driver to see more details such as contributing initiatives. The Strategy tab is also accessible via the Strategy link on the Jump To dropdown box. See here for more detailed navigation information specific to the Strategy tab.

Structure tab

This tab provides a view of all your Initiatives, Groups and Teams in one place. Because the structure of the information in i-lign is easy to see here, it’s an ideal place to move, close or delete information. The Structure tab is also accessible via the Groups link on the Jump To dropdown box. See here for more detailed navigation information specific to the Structure tab.

Ideas tab

This tab provides a list of ideas submitted by people from the relevant business group or organisation as a whole. This view includes information such as when the idea was submitted, it’s status and the level of activity around the idea. People with the appropriate security permissions can manage ideas from this page.

People tab

The People tab provides a summary view of planned work allocations and approved timesheet hours for sub-groups and their teams. The view can be adjusted to see the time period you’re interested in. You can drill down to see sub-group and team information. See here for more detailed navigation information specific to the People tab.

Finance tab

This tab contains information on resource costs. As with elsewhere, there are summary, chart and data views available.

Functions dropdown box

Use the Functions dropdown box to carry-out a number of actions.

Dashboards dropdown box

This gives you access to additional dashboard information.

Side panel

As with other parts of the application, click on the relevant icon on the side panel to:

  • Read / respond to existing conversations and add new ones.
  • See a log of key actions taken
  • See help information related to the tab you are viewing.