Navigation: Delivery view (Archived from 8.8.1)

February 7, 2019

Information on how to navigate to and around the Delivery view.

The Delivery view provides a place for your project, programme and business service managers and their teams to manage day to day work. This is where you manage deliverables, schedules, tasks, financials, change requests, issues, risks etc.

When you log into i-lign you land on the Home page. To navigate to the Delivery view, first access the relevant content eg a Project or Programme. Once you’ve accessed the relevant content, use the toggle to move between Delivery and Value. When you select Programmes, Portfolios or Concepts, the default landing is Value. For Projects, Activities and Business Services the default landing is Delivery.

Delivery tabs

There are five tabs in the Delivery view as follows.

Summary tab

This tab provides information about the initiative as well as access to tools to help Managers and their team deliver the initiative effectively. See here for more detailed Summary tab navigation information: Summary tab(Projects), Summary tab (Programmes), Summary tab (Activities & Services).

Tasking tab

This tab shows how work has been allocated to people. For Projects, this tab is also the place to manage tasks, milestones and cross project dependencies. Together this information builds the project’s schedule. See here for more detailed Tasking tab navigation information: Tasking tab (Projects), Tasking tab (Programmes),Tasking tab (Activities & Services).

Registers tab

This tab gives access to various registers which record items such as risks, issues, deliverables, decisions and change requests. See here for more detailed navigation information specific to the Registers tab.

Governance tab

This tab contains information useful for governance of the project such as project/programme reviews, governance group membership, lifecycle stage and a risk heatmap. See here for more detailed navigation information specific to the Governance tab

Finance tab

This tab contains financial information relating to the initiative. See here for more detailed navigation information specific to the Finance tab.

Shortcuts dropdown box

Access existing content by clicking on the relevant blue text. Add new content by clicking on the Add button to the right of the relevant blue text.

Functions dropdown box

Use the Functions drop down box to carry-out a broader range of functions eg editing the lifecycle or closing an initiative.

Reports dropdown box

This gives you access to existing reports and the option to create new ones. See here for more detailed information about reporting.

Conversations side panel

Click on the speech bubble icon on the side panel to read / repond to existing conversations and add new ones.

Log side panel

Provides a record of key actions taken.

Access side panel

Provides information on who has access to information about the initiative.

Help side panel

Provides high level information related to the open tab. It also contains links to more detailed information on navigation and how to manage specific items.